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Even the newest of the venerable U.S. Krag rifles have now been with us for over 100 years, and they are still very much appreciated by riflemen who know rifles. Unfortunately, that seems to include fewer and fewer riflemen with each passing generation. If you found us, you probably know what I mean.

Marketers push newly developed whizz-bang calibers and loads, playing to what the late Jeff Cooper referred to as the “preoccupation with insignificant improvements.” Inexperienced shooters try and substitute ballistics tables and published lab results for the informed appreciation one develops in the field for this mild-shooting, utilitarian cartridge. But no chart in a gun magazine can convey the Krag’s unsurpassed smoothness.

As a consequence of this trend, and of the fact the American Krag is no longer made, these fine rifles, along with this very serviceable and effective cartridge, are fading into obscurity. Those of us who love our Krags are finding ammunition ever more costly and harder to obtain, and no accessories are made to enable us to take advantage of advances in optics. For these reasons, I decided that my company, the Pennsylvania Firearms Development Corporation, would develop, manufacture and market a rail that will enable one to mount modern optics without drilling the Krag receivers or sacrificing the magazine cut-off;.

Our rails are M1913 specification, and precisely fit the unusual contours of U.S. Krag barrels. To keep gunsmithing to a minimum, they install using the existing holes for the original Krag rear sights. The short rails can replace the factory rear sights by removing and replacing two screws. The long rails use the existing rear sight screw holes, but require drilling and tapping an additional hole in the barrel (not in the receiver).

We know that without extensive advertising we will contact fewer prospective customers. But we are confident those who do find us will be very satisfied with our products. Word will get around.

It is our hope that the availability of a decent mounting system for optics will extend our use and enjoyment of these fine old rifles. Please enjoy our products, and let me know what you think.

With best regards,

Peter N. Georgiades
Pennsylvania Firearms Development Corporation
2130 Fox Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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